Product quality and safety policy

1.2.2017 - Product quality and safety policy

The delivery of high-quality and safe packaging materials to all our customers is a priority of our company. As one of the steps towards the achievement of this goal, we have decided to establish a product quality and safety management system according to the requirements of the standards

- ČSN EN ISO 9001 "Quality Management Systems - Requirements"

- BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

As part of the established, maintained and continuously improved Integrated Management System (IMS), which incorporates the requirements of both above-mentioned standards, our management is committed to the following main principles:

- to continuously produce and deliver high-quality, safe (harmless) and legal (corresponding to the legal requirements) products by fulfilling the internal documented procedures of the IMS system,

- to consistently meet the requirements of legal regulations and technical standards, even those from areas other than product quality and safety (labour relations, environmental protection, infrastructure maintenance, etc.)

- to create the conditions necessary to maximize personal and operational hygiene as part of the system of Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) ,

- to continuously ensure the maximum possible level ofcommunication with customers, fulfil contractual conditions and promptly handle the comments, complaints or claims of customers

- to deal with suppliers in a correct manner with a continuous effort to improve business relationships,

- to create the conditions for theecological behaviour of employees and respect environmental protection requirements in all investment and development plans ,

- to maintain and increase the level of corporate culture and the conditions for the occupational safety of employees and to respect ethical aspects in relation to employees,

- to maintain the integrityof the IMS in the event of any changes to the system.

Based on this policy, the management sets product quality and safety goals for each calendar year. The management regularly reviews the validity of the policy and the achievement of the goals set.

The company's management is committed to creating the necessary conditions and providing the necessary resources and investments to ensure compliance with the principles of the quality policy set out above. We expect our employees to fully support this commitment.

Ing. Ľubomír Šimko, CEO