Environmental protection policy

1.6.2016 - Environmental protection policy

The management of DOPLA PAP a.s., aware of its responsibility for environmental protection in its business operations, has adopted the following environmental policy principles:

- supply customers with products of the highest technical standard that have parameters meeting the topmost environmental protection requirements;

- abide by legal and other requirements for environmental protection, the conservation of natural resources and a safe working environment in the production process;

- take decisions on investment plans and their implementation with due consideration for environmental factors;

- engage in risk and pollution prevention to avert potential emergency situations that could have a negative impact on the environment;

- handle chemical agents and mixtures (printing inks, adhesives, lubricants, etc.) in production and storage so that any environmental impacts are kept under control and minimised;

- carry out duly planned preventive maintenance and thereby minimise adverse environmental impacts associated with the operation of machinery and equipment;

- guide and educate employees to behave responsibly towards the environment and ensure that they fully grasp, support and promote the company’s environmental policy;

- foster conditions for employees’ environmentally friendly behaviour;

- communicate this policy to all employees and convey it appropriately to the public;

- require contractual partners to respect this environmental policy.

The company management undertakes to nurture conditions and release the resources required for compliance with the environmental policy principles above. Employees are expected to fully support this commitment.

'Lubomír Šimko, managing director